Young Artist Recital

A special project of our Apprentice Artist  outreach program.  Aspiring singers in high school and college offering their vocal talent of solos and small ensembles for your enjoyment.

Upcoming Events

Coro! Singing

photo credit - Andrew C Kurcan

Mozart and the Musicians' Memoirs

Hear how Mozart's music has come to live within the hearts and souls of the individuals who bring his music to life.

Twin Cities Americana

Nearing the twentieth century, the Twin Cities entered their "boom."  A mystery guest hosts this concert that is guaranteed to delight


We couldn't be more pleased that you found our website--created for all of our patrons and friends to keep up with the musical happenings of our current and future seasons. An ensemble of vocal soloists, we have been fortunate to perform musical concerts for enthusiastic audiences in a variety of venues within the Twin Cities area. If you have recently found us, we would be honored if you could join us at our season's concert performances.

We'll be working to keep the information on our site current, topical, and engaging. So peruse at your leisure and check back often to watch for coming

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